Community. "a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals". Such words have never been truer than when speaking about our Victoria Community.

This year has been a year of incredible community relations and relationship building and we have made many new friends along the way.

Some of the highlights were:

Left overs

All of our left over soup is donated to Aids Vancouver Island, a local Victoria charity who also help our homeless population amongst fighting their own cause.

Help On The Streets

Soupa Cafe hit the streets to donate left over sandwiches and salads to our homeless community, among cakes, hugs and feel good vibes through the streets of Victoria.

Gorge Water Way Clean Up

Donating 100 meals to the Gorge water way clean up and giving all the volunteers free coffee too, September 2018.

The Gorge water clean up is annual event where volunteers collaborate by taking as much trash out of the waterway as they can. The goal has been known quietly to take 1 metric ton of waste from the waterway each year.

Give it up to our awesome community for doing amazing things! Thank you all so much, Soupa Cafe are behind you!

The gift of music (#theGiftOfMusic)

Buying 2 guitars after seeing a random act of kindness have a wonderful impact and giving them away. Our community stunned us with kindness as Long and McQuade donated an additional free guitar and gave us discounts on the 2 we purchased and Tapestry Music donated a Ukulele, bag and tuner set. All the gifts were wrapped and families who didn't have so much for Christmas were picked to come and get a free gift for the children to open Christmas day.

Mustard Seed

Donating 130 meals to the Mustard Seed for our hungry community this Christmas 2018.

Last year Soupa Cafe gave 3x's as much to our homeless and our hungry community with the Mustard Seed but this year as we spent a lot of money on the guitars for #theGiftOfMusic we had to do a little less.

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