The Gift Of Music

The Gift Of Music


A few days ago, around Dec 5th we stumbled on a post we found on facebook from a local guy who quickly became our hero.

Scott (we'll just leave it as his first name for now) had created a post and selflessly offered one of his guitars for free to any family who "need one to play but can't afford one". Touched by his post, we decided to offer Scott a gift card to our Cafe to thank him for his kindness during this festive time. 

Once we were in contact Scott confessed that not only was he overwhelmed by the response but that he would offer a second guitar also for free to a child in need.

That got us thinking, "How beautiful is the gift of music for Christmas?!" So, we decided to get in to the Christmas Spirit with Scott and purchase 2 new beginner guitars to also offer them for free to children who need them. We called our local music store Long & McQuade (Victoria) and told them the story and without hesitation they decided to also join the Christmas Spirit and offer a half size guitar for no cost to help another child get a guitar for Christmas and to spread "The Gift of Music", further to this amazing guesture, Tapestry Music also donated a Ukulele and bag with Tuner set for free too. How incredible!

Pictured: Carly Murray from Soupa Cafe Collecting a Ukulele from Tapesty Music

Pictured: 2 Full Size Guitars and one donated half size guitar from Long and McQuade Victoria

Once we had everything together, we wrapped the gifts and got them ready for the families to come and collect from our store! Wrapping the guitars wasn't easy and should you ever need to do it.. we found wrapping them in two halves made it some what more logical.

Below: Megan and Carly from Soupa Cafe showcasing 2 of the guitars on Christmas Eve.

During Christmas eve each family came in to see us, we shared stories and we even got to meet some of the kids!! It was a truly special day for us at the cafe this year. There were tears of sadness and tears of joy but most of all, there was food and there was music. Everyone who got a guitar ate with us, one of the families was happy for us to share the photo's they took Christmas eve and sent to us:

This family visit's Soupa Cafe with the Children who know they have won a guitar. Initially the idea was to collect the gift and dine with us with the family and open the guitar Christmas Day, however, during lunch the excitement got too much and the family collectively decided they would like to open the guitar while they were there with us. 

Pictured Above: The family on Christmas eve 2018, receiving their Gift of Music

Thanks to everyone who did a world of good sharing the giftOfMusic and a special thank you to Scott for starting the Gift of Music this Christmas. 
Happy Holidays to you all :)