The Gift of Music 2019

Pictured: Megan Di Lucca and Carly Murray From Sopa Cafe

The Gift of Music

The gift of Music started in 2018 and you can read all about how last year went here.

The concept behind the Gift of Music is to get donated instruments from people who no longer need them in to the hands of Children who don't have much for Christmas. Last year Soupa Cafe and our incredible community managed to get 5 guitars in to the hands of Children without much and the event was just as magical as it sounds.

In some cases the families turned up with their Children and in other cases the families asked us to deliver their guitars but both ways, each child received a wrapped guitar and tuner. We shared stories, some tears of joy and we ate soup! Christmas eve was particularly special for me (Avi Lugassy - Part Owner) as my very first guitar was donated to me on a cold night in London, UK, probably 15 years ago. To this day I still have that guitar and it has traveled to many destinations with me, as far as India and Thailand and South America, the United States and now, resides in Canada with me. My point is, as a young guy who couldn't play guitar but at that time, living without much, this instrument changed my life for the better. It is still in use today all these years later.

    Pictured: A family receives their Gift of Music at Soupa Cafe

For many of you who may already play an instrument, you will know music is a gift which keeps giving and best of all, is a wonderful and beautiful universal language.

This year in mid October we started "The Gift of Music" for 2019 and the response has been great, people from the community have offered all kinds of instruments and we are in the process of trying to get everything to one place where we can assess the shape and where needed, re-string, buy missing parts etc. 

To date Tapestry Music Victoria have donated an instrument and carry bag and Long and McQuade Victoria have donated a 3/4 Size Guitar and a Ukulele and offered us discounted pricing on any new instruments. The zone radio have kindly said they will announce us in December and put this information on their website :) 

We have received one clarinet (complete), one Ukulele, one glockenspiel and the above 2 ukulele's and a 3/4 size guitar, we have the promise of one full size guitar too. Soupa Cafe will purchase 2 full size guitars as gifts and our campaign has readed $300 in donations which is enough almost to purchase another 2 full size guitars!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

Let's create the Gift That Keeps Giving this Christmas!

If you'd like to be a part of the Gift of Music this year, WE NEED YOUR HELP

Do you have an old instrument in good shape which you no longer use or never learned? Would you be willing to part ways with it so a child who doesn't have much can receive it as a gift for Christmas? If so, we want to hear from you! We will gladly exchange you a bowl of Soup or a Sandwich if you are able to deliver the instrument to either location at 736 View St or to 3050 Douglas.

If you don't have an instrument but would like to help anyway we have a Go Fund Me page, this page aims to help buy a few additional guitars and any needed extra's to make all the instruments like new again. Please reach out to us today!

You can message us at our facebook page:
Or write us an email via our contact us section here

Thank you so much for being a part of The Gift of Music
We love our local Victoria Community.

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