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Meal Prep is Healthy Soup

Soupa Cafe has been delivering Victoria's best soups over the counter since 2016, prior to that we were known as Souped Up and Victoria has been crazy about our products for almost 15 years!

Amidst the end of 2018 we started negotiations to merge with an incredible soup delivery service now known as Soupa Soups To You! This incredible merger allowed us to not only deliver our amazing soups frozen, directly to your door but to also expand our list of soups well clear of 120 varieties which we rotate weekly.

Our new fantastic cook, Susan, brings a wealth of knowledge and a good client base to the list of incredible qualities she offers us. Knowledgeable in a variety of cooking styles and in home made broths our soups have recently become even better. We're not a big fan of using pre made stocks because as much as possible we like to know what is in your dish. Remember, if we won't eat it, we won't sell it.

So Why Soupa Cafe Meal Prep?

Amongst having busy lives at work, trying to get the kids to school, making sure to walk the dog, trying to find 30 minutes to watch some TV or catch up with friends it's getting harder and harder to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, we know first hand how busy life can be at Soupa Cafe and this is why we decided to being our delicious home made creations to your door.

During a busy week you can now Order Online and pay online for a variety of foods which can get you through your week. Think of it almost as your shopping, simplified . We made it easy to order a huge variety of Frozen Soups, Locally Baked Goodies, Drinks and Soda's, Fruits and Locally Baked Breads, all delivered the same week! Our breads are cheaper delivered to your door than you can find in most grocery stores too! For the best experience we recommend adding a loaf to enjoy with your soups at home!

It is important to remember to eat healthy and with frozen soup meal prep it's never been easier.
It's so simple, you just pull from the freezer and then literally "Heat to Eat". Around 5 minutes later you'll be sat in the comfort of your own home or office with a hassle free meal (soup makes great breakfast, lunch and dinner), enjoy a variety of our soups including the many healthy options we have available.

We offer Meal Prepared soups which are Keto Friendly, Vegan Friendly, Dairy Free Friendly, Gluten Friendly and for those who enjoy meat, Meat Eater Friendly. No matter what your diet for the week we have you covered.

Soup Diet

Image: Home made Chili Con Carne Fat 18g Sugar: 6g Protein 27g Vit A: 40% Vit C: 35% Iron: 50% RDA (12oz serving)

Many people ask us about the "Soup Diet", this is an effective diet popularised in the 1960's to help with a healthier lifestyle and weight loss. While there is such a huge variety of Soupa Soups available to you it might seem impossible to figure out which ones may help if you're par-taking in this popular diet. While the list is constantly changing the advice we have been helping people choose with is to try and turn to the veggie and vegan dishes from the list. The reason for this is because this eliminates any creams and cheeses or high calorie dairy products from the soup. While we have nutritional information for a few key soups we don't have this information available for the weekly list, this makes it especially important to read the ingredients list. Our soups are made by hand and we know what is in them, our ingredients are high quality and while we can't say every dish we make is healthy, we can tell you we make every dish with health in mind. The veggie and Vegan dishes are typically very healthy and are recommended if you're on this diet. For more information send us an email and we will help you as best we can!

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We can't wait to get you trying our favourite dishes and we'll leave you with this:

No matter what you're weekly diet looks like now, the landscape will change once you've ordered some of our delicious soups.

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